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When it comes to turning, we are fast and precise at the level of microns

Our strength is in our stable team that can handle the process from A to Z.

What kind of services do we provide?

Developing customised tools

We do not need much, really. Just the information on the raw material, your technologies and the desired result. You can leave the rest to us. We shall propose the most suitable tool and the cutting conditions and we will help you implement the technology in your production process.

Project management

Are you planning to produce a piece you have never made before? Do you need to reduce cycle time? Do you need to adjust or propose a brand new technology? Contact our experts from the project management team. We will help you with our tools as well as with installing the entire line – we shall propose and supply technologies and tools, ensure installation and any process necessary.

Tool servicing

We recondition our tools as well as those supplied by other large or small manufacturers. We make an analysis and propose the sharpening limits, the correct geometry and surface, as well as transportation in both directions.

Tool management

This is the highest level of cooperation – you can rely on us to supply all of your tools and maintain them – negotiations with domestic and foreign suppliers, servicing and stock management.

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