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About us

ASTRA MOTOR spol. s.r.o. was formally founded in 1995, but the actual start of activities dates to the spring of 2000. That’s when Karel and Jan Keprda decided that their new company should specialise in the development and production of special machining tools. Jan Keprda bought 50% of the existing company, thereby founding a 100% family business, and focused on its development while still in college. In the autumn of 2001 the company purchased its first CNC tool grinding machine. When Jan Keprda graduated the following year, the company purchased its first 5-axix CNC grinder for the production of tools. The father-and-son team decided to pursue their clear business goal – to be the best in the field.

During the years to come the company recorded many rises and falls, successes and failures.  All of these experiences helped shape this established and stable company. We have been fortunate to have many excellent employees and amazing customers.

Our values include innovation, open communication and the ability to actually enjoy work, integrity and a slightly informal approach. We simply love creating and working in such a manner so that we can be proud of the services and products made in our 100% Czech company, products we offer to the whole world.

Our goal is not just a satisfied customer, which goes without saying. We also want to be a reliable business partner to our suppliers and a responsible employer.

How do we grow?

Formal establishment of the company (Karel Keprda 50%)



Purchase of the first CNC grinder for tool sharpening

Purchase of the first 5-axis CNC grinder for tool manufacture



Purchase of the first CNC grinder with an integrated robot

Final approval of our manufacturing premises



Innovation project “Long Drills”

The company has become fully “networked”



Expanding the company’s business activities beyond the EU

"Technology project – investment into laser measuring and a nanoscanner

Implementing a company-wide information system



"A member of Cluster 4.0

New manufacturing premises and offices

Developing robotics, data gathering etc.

Setting up a subsidiary, ASTRA MOTOR International, for foreign trade

Establishing an experimental autonomous production cell for mass production of tools

One storage – cloud

Managing the process of servicing tools, predictive planning and process control

The direction and use of big data

Digital twin of a machine tool



Business terms and conditions