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Wondering how to make a thread M12x1.5 and M16x1.5? Or how to make a hole with a thread and a lead-in chamfer? And how to do it with one tool? Use a thread cutter! And what can you expect from our thread cutter?

  • High thread quality
  • High productivity
  • Possibility of combination with drilling or shape milling
  • Possibility to make different thread diameters with one tool (at the same pitch)


By applying a suitable progressive coating, we increase the performance and service life of the tool


The range for the thread milling cutter is M6 - M280, the maximum length without extension is 250 mm.


If you are interested in tools smaller than 3mm, try it micromachining

If you are looking for a threading tool with a large difference in thread diameter and countersink, try it speciální aplikace

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