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Do you need to drill into uneven surfaces, spherical surfaces, increase the accuracy of the drilled hole, or do shape drilling for the support tip? We will design and manufacture a special drill that will help you with:

  • Drilling into uneven surfaces
  • Drilling into hard unmachined crusts
  • Drilling in inclined, cylindrical or spherical surfaces
  • Drilling holes for support points
  • Drilling deep holes - drills can also be manufactured as a pilot drill for cannon drilling.


By applying a suitable progressive coating, we increase the performance and service life of the tool


The range of diameters is 3 - 250mm, max. Length 250mm.


If you are interested in tools smaller than 3mm, try it micromachining

You have a hole made and you need to make a shape in it, try it countersinking or micromachining milling

If you are looking for a drilling tool with a large difference in diameters, try it special applications

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